D. K. “Seneca” Bock, MSW 

Founder and Chief Strategist
Community Capacity Builders, LLC/Healin Sistaz Network International

Seneca Bock is a social scientist, activist, and public policy advocate with over 28 years of experience in community building. Her areas of focus include social, civic, and organizational capacity building at federal, state, local, and community levels. She is the founder and chief strategist of Community Capacity Builders, LLC, a full-service training, technical assistance, and project management consultancy and service provider. She is a nationally ranked community organizer and has received training from some of the most prestigious national training organizations, including the Gamaliel Foundation that also trained President Barack Obama. She has a passion for collaborating with vulnerable communities to help build strong and sustainable substructures and platforms that facilitate autonomy, rights to self-determination and authentic social inclusion, and poverty reduction.

Ms. Bock is a Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership fellow and past president of the League of Women Voters of South Hampton Roads. She currently partners with faith leaders in Hampton Roads to develop culturally relevant obesity prevention public policy and chronic disease prevention delivery systems. She is a founding member of Health Education and Awareness Leads to Healing (HEALTH NOW, VA), a health and wellness initiative designed to advocate for policies that improve health outcomes for women of color and their families. She is a lifestyle coach and coordinator for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Diabetes Prevention Program. In scaling up this initiative in the state of Virginia, she closely collaborates with minority communities and other populations at high risk for type 2 diabetes.

Ms. Bock formerly served as the project manager for the HHS Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program, an interagency initiative between the HHS Center for Substance Abuse and Treatment and the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. In this capacity, she developed and coordinated technical assistance programming, including the Correctional Therapeutic Community for Substance Abusers. This $4.5 million initiative was launched in correctional settings in states, regions, and U.S. territories. She works with non-governmental and faith-based organizations in Africa and in emerging democracies, such as Azerbaijan. She is an expert in rural development and specializes in risk factors related to social and geographic isolation. She has established over 200 capacity building systems, including healthy marriage and family infrastructures across the state of Virginia; chronic health disease prevention in low-resource communities; faith-based childhood obesity prevention networks; Black women’s mental health empowerment groups; a housing resource base for homeless persons with severe mental illness through voucher programs, such as Shelter Plus Care; and other federally funded program infrastructures.

Ms. Bock received her BS/BA in international marketing management from Old Dominion University and her MSW in community development and social strategies from Norfolk State University. Her research projects have focused on the lack of quality health care among low-income African Americans; the role of African American churches in the U.S. democratization process; and the organizational capacity of nonprofit organizations in distressed communities. Her hobbies include traveling, collecting world-beat music, reading, and archery.