Hector Ortiz, PhD 

Assistant Professor and Graduate Outreach Coordinator
Central Penn College

Hector Ortiz is an Assistant Professor and Graduate Outreach Coordinator at Central Penn College. He also serves as a communications consultant for La Voz Latina Central, a regional bilingual newspaper, and President of H & R Communications and Consulting Services. His previous positions include Director of the Office of Health Equity for the Pennsylvania Department of Health (2011-2015) and a community liaison and contract manager at Dauphin County Human Services.

Dr. Ortiz holds a BS in civil engineering, an MA in diplomacy, and a PhD in international relations from Guayaquil State University. He also received an honorary-causes doctorate in public service and a doctorate of human letters from Central Penn College in 2011. He is the founder of several Latino organizations and a member of numerous national and local boards and committees, including the Harrisburg Area Community College Board of Trustees. He is the current co-chair of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Health Equity Council (Region III).

Dr. Ortiz is an inspirational speaker and a consultant to several diversity and leadership development initiatives. He is the author of The Creative Energy of Positive Thinking: A Basic Approach to the Genuine Concept of Happiness.