Mid-Atlantic RHEC: Council Members

 State Name (Click on the name to see their bio) Committee/Officer Position Email Address
 Delaware Jae Chul Lee Cultural Competency Committeejlee@npa-rhec.org
 Delaware Lucy Luta Sustainability Committee lluta@npa-rhec.org
 Delaware Patricia Oceanic HBCU Committee poceanic@npa-rhec.org
 District of Columbia Deidra Lemons Johnson Awareness Committee djohnson@npa-rhec.org
 District of Columbia Steven OwensHBCU Committeesowens@npa-rhec.org
 Maryland Aurelia LairdCultural Competency Committeealaird@npa-rhec.org
 Maryland Allan Noonan HBCU Committee Chair anoonan@npa-rhec.org
 Maryland John Sankofa Awareness Committee Chair jsankofa@npa-rhec.org
 Pennsylvania Jonathan EncarnacionCultural Competency Committee jencarnacion@npa-rhec.org
 Pennsylvania Evelyn GonzalezCultural Competency Committee Chair  egonzalez@npa-rhec.org
 Pennsylvania Jenné JohnsRHEC Co-Chair jjohns@npa-rhec.org
 Pennsylvania Hector OrtizAwareness Committee hortiz@npa-rhec.org
 Pennsylvania David SaundersAwareness Committee dsaunders@npa-rhec.org
 Virginia Seneca BockRHEC Co-Chairsbock@npa-rhec.org
 Virginia Cynthia BurwellHBCU Committee cburwell@npa-rhec.org
 Virginia Donney JohnAwareness Committee Chair djohns@npa-rhec.org
 Virginia Costellar LedbetterHBCU Committee cledbetter@npa-rhec.org
 Virginia Karen ReedCultural Competency Committee kreed@npa-rhec.org
 West Virginia Anthony WoartSustainability Committee Chairawoart@npa-rhec.org